Hackers are not alone on the cybersecurity stage. A storekeeper is likely to be scripted as much as a company CEO, would they play their role correctly? How much does it take to turn a comedy into a drama?

Before firewalls, monitoring, artificial intelligence comes people, with habits and awareness. Spending time and resources implementing and integrating security technologies becomes meaningless, and frustrating, if it’s not matched with adequate knowledge and consciousness.

Everyday’s work tasks may seem facilitated by little, lighthearted acts: writing a password on a sticky note, borrowing credentials to a colleague in need, giving access to sensible data. Being conscious of the impact a simple action as those mentioned can have may decide between having to pay thousand of euros in ransom and happily managing your business.

Together with its managed services, Cybersec Services offers a security awareness process solution to correctly address your working team towards an accurate security posture.