Managed Detection and Response


Do you really trust that usb drive you don’t even remember who lent you? And what about that invoice excel attachment who’s asking you to activate macros to be readable?
And if it wasn’t enough now you’re thinking about your trusty antivirus there to protect you from nasty infections.

Unfortunately attackers evolved their strategies and targets over time, and a simple solution such as an old fashion antivirus is not enough anymore. It takes a minimal edit to a malware to let it pass undetected by standard signature based solutions.

Cybersecurity took its steps to countermeasure modern threats with sophisticated mechanisms: AI-driven behaviour profiling, network inspection, fileless attack analysis. It takes an holistic approach to security to always be prepared against malicious attacks, and a well-trained staff of course.

Cybersec Services offers you a comprehensive Managed Detection and Response solution.
Contact us! In our first meetup we’ll collect meaningful information about your business and assess your security status.
Once defined your security needs we’ll come up to you with the specific tools for them, composed by lightweight software agent and networks probes. All the required data will be processed in our cloud infrastructure, without any effort on your side.
Our detection and prevention platform will filter out any noise and all the meaningful data will be managed by our security experts that will inform you about security issue only when it’s needed. From thousands of events to few detection and fewer alerts, you won’t be burdened by the weight of tens of them.