Threat Intelligence


“Skills are a must, experience is the key.”
Data can do a lot for us, but it gets it’s value when it’s transformed from a single observation to something meaningful. When you contact a website, watch a video or simply interact with someone on the web you leave a trace. Hackers have to play following the same rules, just like us. IP addresses, web domains, attack modes and patterns, when linked together become a fingerprint, a unique identifier.

Everytime a threat is detected on your computers, on every our customer premises, or even outside of our scope (thanks to external trusted sources), it gets analyzed, contextualized and stored as a malicious indicator, in order to prevent every similar issue to occur again. Threat actors, attack vectors, exploited vulnerabilities are collected and contextualized to specific industries all around the world.

Classifying data, enriching it with findings from past events is the key to identify who’s trying to perform an attack, what may she/he be looking for, and then prioritize our response.

Our experience, gathered by working with an heterogeneous pool of customers, integrated with reliable intelligence sources given by our partners will help you change your security approach from reactive to proactive and make the difference between analyzing the impacts after an attack and avoid it completely.