Vulnerability Management


A solid IT security infrastructure, a brand new firewall or proxy may not be enough to protect your business. One of the main means for hackers exploiting businesses is through the discovery of vulnerabilities given by missing patches, errors, and weaknesses in system configuration settings, and general deviations from policy.

These vulnerabilities often go unprotected by other security measures, such as firewalls, because they are typically not taken into account when they are put in place, and are used as an hidden backdoor by attackers. A security solution needs to know what it’s looking for, which is why it’s important to include vulnerability management into your overall security approach.

Our job is to proactively scan your environment, whether it’s on a server or endpoint, and search for flaws in how a piece of software is designed. Once a vulnerability is discovered, it can be passed to the right person or team, who, in turn, issues a patch and fixes the issue.

It’s important to not only discover vulnerabilities, but also assess their impact, classify them, look at what risks they imply, and then take action based on that.